Strategic Technology Advisor.

Workflow Consultant.

I can help improve how you manage your work, find and develop efficient tools which streamline your creative process, and identify opportunities to increase the value of your time.

I help people and small groups who want to work smarter, not harder.

My clients include:

As a Strategic Technology Advisor, I’ve worked to help my clients identify new markets for products, locate partners and opportunities for new business development, grow their online audience, and find new customers.

As a Workflow Consultant, I thoughtfully analyze how people work and then build a supportive platform of technology and training to help them do that work better. Generally, this takes the form of regular personalized coaching/training sessions on how to more efficiently organize their lives and workflow.

Mac users get an added bonus: I’m a specialist in using creative automation of Apple OS X systems to boost personal productivity.

2014 Rates:

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